Celebrating 10 Years of Greatness!

The Co-op School believes in progressive constructivist education through differentiated instruction that educates the entire child on all levels: emotional, social, physical and intellectual. We have high expectations for our students and provide them the support they need to excel. We teach reading, writing, mathematics and science through hands-on learning activities. We believe children learn through experiencing and experimenting.  We listen to our children to find out what questions they have and do our best to make learning fun and engaging! We believe that children learn best when they are invested in finding out the answers to their questions and when learning is embedded in meaningful contexts.

Children receive direct instruction in all content areas as well as ongoing social studies inquiry projects. Not only are parents and teachers on committees but children are as well! We want the children to feel empowered in their thoughts and opinions. Their opinions are important and they can create change in the world around them.  


In the Dragonfly Pre-K class at Brevoort, our final Inquiry Project was all about storytelling. Our students chose fairy tales as the main focus, so we began discussions and brainstorming about fairy tales and we also began reading every fairy tale book we could get our hands on. It was then decided that our final project should take the form of an animated film. Thus was born the concept to mash-up our favorite fairy tales into on cohesive collaborative stop motion animation movie. With the guidance of Collin, Natalie, and Shaquawn, we began working on a script and storyboard.
Breaking off into smaller groups, each Dragonfly had the opportunity to work on different aspects of the movie, whether it be writing the story itself, building props and characters, photography, cinematography, voice acting, animation, editing, and much more. The entire construction of Little Red Rapunzel was a learning process, not only about how a story is made, but what it means to work with and compromise with other people to create one amazing group project as well. Through making this awesome project, the Dragonflies ended a great year at the Co-op School, built their reading and literacy skills, gained the confidence required to effectively work in a collaborative effort, and were able to show off the flick at an exciting Hollywood-style screening for parents and caregivers.