Dragonfly Teachers (Pre-K/K)

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Natalie Evans
I have been fortunate enough to be a part of this great cooperative community for about five years! I started off as a Ladybug Teacher Assistant at Taafee Place. Eventually I was given the opportunity to lead the Ladybug Classroom upon our move to Irving Place. From there, I moved up to leading the Bumblebee Classroom and ultimately, having the pleasure of opening and leading the new Dragonfly Classroom here at Brevoort Place. I'll be giving it a second run for the 2012-2013 school year! I grew up in Ithaca, New York, a small town located Upstate. Home to Cornell University and Ithaca College, I received a wonderful education from Kindergarten all the way up through my senior year at Ithaca High School. Upon graduating, I did a brief stint in Nursing School (what was I thinking?) but soon after, I came to terms with myself that being in a classroom, as opposed to a hospital, is where I truly belonged. Eventually I made my way to Brooklyn and made my life here. Currently I hold a Bachelor's Degree in Childhood Education and Master’s Degree in Early Childhood Education. When I am not at The Co-op School, I enjoy time with family, friends and loved ones. I enjoy a nice cup of coffee, love fresh manicured nails & toes, taking long naps, and taking on life one day at a time.

Shaquawn Parker
Shaquawn Parker was born and raised in Harlem, NY but now resides in Staten Island. She is the youngest of 5 children. She has been tutoring for many years and has had the opportunity to teach in both daycare and public school. She acquired a Master’s in Early Childhood Education (birth-2nd) from Long Island University. Her favorite things to do are shop, travel, teach, go to spas, listen to music, dance and hang out with friends. She loves white, pink, red and leopard print. Her favorite music genres are hip hop, R&B, reggae and soca. She looks forward to teaching at Co-op School because the environment is very welcoming and comfortable. Everyone shows a great deal of support for everyone and the children and their parents are great!

Collin Colsher
Collin Colsher was born in Reading, Pennsylvania, has previously resided in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and Portland, Oregon, and now lives in Brooklyn, NYC. He has a Master's degree in Cinema Studies from NYU's Tisch School of the Arts and a Bachelor's degree in both Film and English Literature from Temple University. For the last two summers, Collin has worked as a freelance sound recorder on several zero-budget movie productions and done various odds and ends—ranging from festival promotion to celebrity wrangling—for the Film Society of Lincoln Center. Collin spends most of his time reading, writing, hanging out with his pet tarantula named Kitty, and working on a website detailing the chronology of Batman comic books. He couldn't be happier to be working with such a wonderful group of teachers and students at the Co-op School.